55 Awesome Pontoon Boat Accessories You Must Have This Year

pontoon boat accessories

Below are 55 pontoon boat accessories that you should consider carrying on board your boat. I have categorized the items into groups for easy-reading and so you can relocate any interesting items more easily after you’ve read the entire list.

7 Awesome Pontoon Boat Accessories For Thirsty & Hungry Pontooners

Now we are getting to the fun stuff.

Below are some pontoon boat accessories for those that love to eat and drink on the water … and who doesn’t?!

Portable grill

Let’s be honest, a pontoon boat is incomplete without a grill for BBQ goodies. After all, the only reason you have beer onboard is to wash down all that grub … right?

Standard portable grills made for camping and/or tailgating work great on a pontoon boat. However, some may need an additional little accessory that allows you to mount it on the rail of the boat – a grill mount.

Grill mount

When you come across a great deal on a grill but find that it isn’t set up for use on a pontoon boat, fret not.  A grill mount will allow you to mount most portable grills onto the side rails of a pontoon boat for easy cooking.

It is possible to pick up portable grills that have mounting as standard but for those grills that are not equipped with the necessary items for boat use,simply get a cheap grill mount which will allow you to secure the grill to the rail  of the boat and easily remove it after use.

Boat cup holders

When you’re on the water the contents of your cup can easily end up on the deck rather than in your mouth – especially if I’m driving!

Simple, but effective, clip on cup holders work great for securing the important contents of your cup.

Pontoon docktail bar

What do you do when you need to mix cocktails somewhere that has no cocktail bar – like on a pontoon boat? Simple … you use a docktail bar!

Docktail bar for pontoon boat
Docktail bar on a pontoon boat

A docktail bar attaches to the boat giving you everything you need to mix those tasty upmarket cocktails perfectly.

There are several different types of docktail bar available to suit every size of pontoon boat and every type of mixologist.


There is nothing worse than a warm beer or room-temperature soda when you are enjoying a sunny day on the water.

Although storage boxes, like Yeti, are great for holding cold drinks you will want to have something that is a little more flexible and space-conscious. You see, as cold drinks are taken from a hard storage unit and consumed (and the empty cans disposed of) no more space is free-up on the boat – unless of course you use a folding cooler!

Hard coolers take up the same amount of space whether they have items in them or not. Not so with a foldable cooler.

A folding cooler allows you to keep beverages cold but can be folded up and stored away when all the drinks it contains are consumed.

Boat beer coolies

Coolers only work when cans are inside them. If, like me, you tend to take your pontoon boat into the water when the temperatures are at their highest, it doesn’t take too long for your beer to get lukewarm .. sorry I mean “soda”.

Beer coolies are a great way to ensure each beer, or soda, you consume stays cold to the very last drop.

These great little individual coolers simply slip over your can and ensure the drink inside it remains cold.

Insulated mugs

Beer coolies are great for keeping cans cold but if you prefer your beverages a little hotter? If you do then why not get some insulated mugs?

Insulated mugs are very popular among campers and boat campers but they work really well on a pontoon boat. Not only do they ensure the beverage they contain remains at the correct temperature, but the closed lid also helps prevent spillages on deck.

Forget those red solo cups and all that plastic waste. Go for some insulated mugs instead.

4 Essential Pontoon Boat Storage Accessories

Although pontoon boats have fairly good deck space, this space can be used up quickly when passengers get onboard and party stuff is loaded.

So, having somewhere to put all your stuff, especially things that you are not using until later or have already used and no longer need, it essential for maintaining enough deck space to have fun.

Check out these great ideas for increasing storage when out on your pontoon boat.

Dockie mat

This item can be considered a “storage cheat” for adding extra storage to your pontoon boat.

Although dockie mats are made to be portable floating islands for people to have fun on in the water, they can be used to hold items that you need but that are taking up valuable deck space.

I have attached a dockie mat to the back of a pontoon boat and used it to store portable livewells, and food units on several occasions when my pontoon boat has felt a bit too crowded.

Obviously you need to take steps to secure any load you put on the mat but apart from that simple precaution nothing else is needed to use one of these as an additional spot for putting stuff (as long as its all in waterproof bags of course).

If you are not using your dockie mat for storage it works great as a towable or even just as a way of getting closer to the water with friends, as many people can sit or lay on it easily.

Foldable storage bag

You need somewhere to put all that deck stuff, right?

Here is one cool and innovative ways to free up deck space on your pontoon boat so you have more room to have fun – a portable, folding storage bag.

This type of storage unit is great for carrying stuff that will be only used once, such as food stuffs that are consumed while onboard. Once the bag is emptied, and the contents used, the bag can be folded away for easy storage.

Folding bags that are tall, instead of wide and long, make great storage units for a pontoon boat. The design means they take up much less deck space than a traditional boat bag. I have found that using storage bags like this one means I can take much more stuff with me on a boat trip than I would be able to if I used even regular folding storage bags.

SBe sure to also check out the previous section on Food & Drink for the clever folding cooler designed for beers, wines and soft drinks.

Storage box

If you prefer a hard and solid storage unit then there are a ton of options available. However, you will still have to take into consideration the amount of deck space the unit requires even when it is empty (honestly I just go with the folding option and save myself the headache).

If your pontoon boat has a bimini then you can use this neat life jacket storage unit that clips underneath the canopy to free-up deck space (you remembered to get lifejackets …right?!).

There are also hook and loop storage systems that are netted pockets (like you get on the back of airplane seats) which attach to the side of the pontoon boat. You can put a whole range of things into these to free-up space on the boat.

Then you have the Marine caddy which is a long attachable plastic shelving unit that easily attaches to the boat surface for storing phones, keys, cans, tackle and a number of things.

Boat trash bag

A few reusable boat trash bags are essential for a pontoon boat – especially you are having a pontoon boat party.

Rather than littering up your boat, or even worse throwing trash onto the water, ensure your passengers have easy access to trash bags.

Boat trash bags simply hang from the side of the boat and can be emptied when back on shore, or placed into bigger containers and put on the attached dockie mat, for disposal later.

3 Must-Have Fishing Pontoon Boat Accessories

Many people like to fish from a pontoon boat and so you should not neglect to consider pontoon boat fishing accessories.

Below are 3 fishing accessories that every fishing pontoon boat should have.

Fishing rod holders

Fishing rod holders that attach to the rail of a pontoon boat take away the need to hold your rod all the time.

You can get permanent holders that you leave attached to your pontoon boat or you can get portable rod holders that easily clip on and off the rails or ones with clamps.


There is no point having fishing rods and holders on your pontoon boat if you can’t find any fish!

A fishfinder is used on all types of vessels from commercial fishing trawlers to humble jon boats. So why not put one on your pontoon boat?

A fishfinder is fairly easy to install and works great for directing you to schools of fish for a successful day fishing on the water.

Fishfinders come in different price ranges with the top of the range being about 500 bucks (commercial grade machines) but you can get really great fishfinders for just over a hundred bucks that work fantastically well for amature boat fishing enthusiasts. Check out a good range of fishfinders here.


You need somewhere to put all those fish you catch. So, you’ll need a livewell.

Although many modern pontoon boats will come with at least one livewell as standard older boats or smaller pontoon boats may have insufficient space for all those fish you catch thanks to your new fishfinder. So, why not use a handy and convenient collapsible livewell bucket?

6 Indispensable Pontoon Boat Accessories To Increase Your Personal Comfort

Now that we have covered the essential safety accessories, storage accessories and fishing accessories that you should consider carrying onboard your pontoon boat, it’s time to get to the fun stuff.

Bimini top

A bimini top is essential if you boat in areas where UV rays are strong. Before I bought a bimini top for my pontoon boat my poor sensitive Irish skin got cooked on several occasions (you’d think I’d have learned after the first time!).

Folded bimini top on pontoon boat
Folded bimini top on pontoon boat

I highly recommend using a bimini top as having the option to move into shade or place certain items into shade on a pontoon boat when the sun is strong, is an option you should always have open to you. After all, you can always fold it up when it isn’t in use.

A bimini top also offers more storage space as you can attach lightweight bags to its underside as I pointed out in the Storage section above.

Bow privacy cover

Using this type of bow privacy cover will give you the ability to separate a small portion of your pontoon boat for private matters.

Women who wish to change in private, or if anyone who needs to use the laverty (see below), can then have some privacy.

A bow cover offers you an excellent way to instantly create privacy.

Pop up privacy cover

If a bow cover is not suitable to your needs then why not try a simple pop up cover for creating privacy?

Pop up covers are brilliant for creating a small privately enclosed area while onboard a pontoon boat.

These type of small pop up changing rooms are not only great for providing privacy when someone needs to change clothes but they offer great privacy for using the toilet on what is normally a open pontoon boat deck.

Portable toilet

Without doubt the most annoying thing for many pontoon boat owners is the lack of toilet facilities.

For men this is not as much of a problem (you men know what I mean) but for women and kids it can be frustrating and embarrassing to need to use the restroom when none are available.

This is when a portable toilet can be invaluable. Portable toilets work great on a pontoon boat as they can be used and emptied later when you reach shore.

Obviously, with a pontoon boat having open deck, you may be wondering how you could use a portable toilet onboard the boat. But, all you have to do is look at the two accessories mentioned above to see that privacy is just a pop-up away!

Both a bow privacy cover and a pop up privacy tent would work well for anyone needing to use the toilet thus eliminating the need for embarrassment or returning to shore.

Quick dry water shoes

Even on a pontoon boat in very calm weather your shoes can get wet, especially if you are doing things close to the water.

Quick dry water shoes offer you the ability to keep your feet dry in style. They also have great grip on slippery wet surfaces.

Track decking

Track decking not only makes the deck of any boat less slippery, and thus a lot safer, but placing it on the deck of your pontoon boat will help protect it.

Pontoon boats usually have great deck coverage that reduces the possibility of accidents due to slipping. But, I found out the hard way that putting some track decking down is a good idea regardless.

Many (many) years ago I invited my friends to a pontoon boat party and back then I wasn’t willing to spend money covering the deck with cheap track decking because the boat already had ample slip-coverage in my opinion. This decision was to cost me a lot more in the long run than the track decking would have cost me at the time.

The damage done to the existing deck coverage (we were boisterous 20-somethings with more money than sense) meant that I needed to replace it all. If I had simply put down some temporary cheap track decking I could have avoided that costly mistake.

6 Vital Pontoon Boat Accessories For Onboard Entertainment

As pontoon boats represent luxury on the water it stands to reason that many boat owners wish to have entertainment onboard.

Below are some great ideas for onboard entertainment from 21st Century cutting-edge technologies to simple board games.

Bluetooth boat speakers

A pontoon party is not a party without music. But there is music and there is music!

Even though the years are catching up on me, I still like nothing better than listening to a bit of Thin Lizzy as it blasts out from marine speakers while myself and friends party on a pontoon boat.

But, even if classic rock isn’t your style I’m sure there are some types of music you would just love to hear as you cruise in style on your pontoon.

Well you can’t do it without the proper waterproof speakers!

Dancing on a pontoon boat
Dancing on a pontoon boat

In past years you had to buy an entire marine audio system in order to listen to tunes on the water, or if you’re like me and partied on the water in the 90’s then you used a double-deck with cassette tapes and CDs (I know, I know, I’m showing my age now).  Back then you had to protect the music player from water damage or risk losing your tunes for the party, of course this happened more than once before us silly “kids” realized we always needed to bring a backup.

These days though, things are a lot easier.

Most of us now carry a smartphone with us everywhere we go and with the awesome technology of Bluetooth this means you can have instant access to thousands of songs stored on your device or can get access to millions of songs if you have an internet connection to stream them.

There are many different types Bluetooth speakers available that are suitable for boats. You can get marine grade speakers but really any outdoor waterproof speakers will do the job just as well so be sure to shop around for the best deal.

Movie projector

Digital music isn’t the only form of audible entertainment you can have on a pontoon boat. Why not go a step further and have some audio/visual entertainment.

Modern outdoor movie projectors work on the same premise as bluetooth speakers; by connecting your smartphone, or other smart device, you can stream movies directly to a projector placed on deck.

There is nothing better than relaxing with a glass of wine and a good movie on a warm summer’s night in the middle of a lake.

Boat games

Boat games are must-have accessories for every pontoon in my opinion. Although modern entertainment is great and definitely has its place on deck sometimes you need to go old school.

Board games are great entertainment for family members especially if there are kids onboard. But even if all the passengers are adults you still can’t go wrong with a few board games especially when you can spice them up with “drinking forfeits”.

Imagine playing a game like exploding kittens where the loser has to finish, in-one-go, a mixture of the most horrible liquors you can find … or you could make them walk the plank to get dunked in the water.

Waterproof playing cards

Old school games don’t come much better than playing cards.

With just one deck of cards, but so many different types of card games to choose from, it is a no-brainer to pack at least one small deck of cards with you when you hit the water.

Pontoon decals

Strictly speaking decals are not onboard entertainment but I couldn’t think of anywhere else to place these accessories. So here they are under Entertainment and here they will remain.

Why did I add decals to the list of pontoon boat accessories? Because they’re cool!

The Great American pontoon boat
The Great American decal pontoon boat

Putting decals on your pontoon boat can turn a boring paint job, thought-up by corporate drones, into a badass shallow water cruising boat.

There are many different decals you can put on your pontoon boat from the very funny to the kick-ass.

Interior LED light kit

What good are decals if no-one can see them? That’s why you put LED lights on the exterior of the deck … right?!

Well the light show doesn’t have to stop there. Why not add some sparkle to the interior of your pontoon boat to compliment those well-lit decals on the exterior?

LED strip lights for the deck are great especially if you use ones controlled by your smartphone. Want a disc/rave type vibe – no problem. Maybe you want to create a subdued relaxed romantic feel.

However, I preferred to add some simple recessed deck lights to my pontoon boat though this did require a bit of work.

There are a ton of ways to use cheap marine lights on a pontoon boat and you can use them to create many different moods.

9 Fun On-The-Water Pontoon Boat Accessories

Not all fun happens onboard a pontoon boat.

The beauty about pontoons is that they are designed to help you have fun off the boat as well as on it.

Check out these water-based fun accessories that you can use with your pontoon boat to increase the fun factor on the water.

Attachable pool

Why would you need an attachable pool for a pontoon boat that is already surrounded by water, you may ask. Well, if you have kids or passengers that are not strong swimmers, an attachable pool can be a literal lifesaver.

Small and large pools that have netting attached to them, in order to limit the water depth, can be attached to the rear of a pontoon boat. These pools then become a safe area for younger children and non-swimmers to play in.

Diving board

No pontoon boat is complete without a diving board!

Although you can easily jump from the boat, a diving board adds some spring to your step … so to speak.

The beauty of a diving board means you can also have fun diving competitions where you can award silly and super fun prizes to winners and losers alike, as I covered here.

Ski tow bar and waterskis

If you like water sports then you will definitely want to attach a ski tow bar to your pontoon boat.

A ski tow bar is a necessary accessory if you want to use water skis with a pontoon boat.

There are a few different designs on the market with some that attach directly to the hull and others that are deck mounted. So the choice really depends on your individual needs and preferences.


Can you think of a pontoon boat without thinking of a water slide? I know I can’t (though I also think of beer for some reason).

Having a water slide accessory is a-must for every pontoon boat owner who wants to have fun on their boat.

Everyone, from kids to seniors, can enjoy a water slide. Make sure you pack one!

Inflatable climbing wall

Climbing walls are something many pontoon boat owners never think to use with their boats. They are a ton of fun.

Inflatable climbing wall
Inflatable climbing wall

Unlike land based climbing frames where you need a harness and wire to protect you from falling, you can scale the heights without worry because if you fall off, the water cushions the impact.

Although climbing walls are more often seen attached to yachts a smaller one can work just as well with a pontoon boat, especially a double decker pontoon.


If you own a pontoon boat and don’t have at least one towable onboard, shame on you!

Towables make pontooning super fun.

A pontoon boat may not be able to match the knots of a speedboat but it can still shift rapidly in the water. Pontoon boats are perfect for pulling inflatable towables.

With a wide range of different sized and different designed towables on the market there is no shortage of fun available.

Pontoon boat mirror

A pontoon boat mirror is a simple little accessory that has a big job.

One thing you should be aware of when doing water sports on a pontoon boat: when you are using towables and water skis the driver needs to be able to see behind the boat.

If you currently, or ever intend to, pull any type of towable behind a pontoon boat then I strongly urge you to make the small investment in a pontoon boat mirror.

A pontoon boat mirror works in the same way as a rear view mirror works in a road vehicle. It gives you a clear view of what is behind your boat so you can keep an eye on the people in the towables behind you. In the event of an accident or emergency you will know and be able to take appropriate action much sooner.

Floating platform

Water skis and fun towables aren’t the only thing that a pontoon boat can pull. A floating platform also works.

But, even though you can tow a floating platform sometimes bouncing up and down on an inflatable isn’t the way to go. During times when you need some peace and quiet, a floating platform can offer you solace.

Although the dockie mate mentioned above works great as a floating platform there are other types available that have some neat and unique design characterics like this one.

Water basketball game

Water basketball is simple. Set up the hoop, get in the water and play some basketball.

There are two types of water basketball. One where you attach the hoop to the boat and one where you use a floating hoop.

I have had so much fun trying to shoot hoops playing this game and wen you play you will realise that the adults are just as competitive as the kids and have just as much fun.

7 Super Helpful Pontoon Boat Accessories For Loading, Unloading & Beaching

Not all fun that comes from a pontoon boat is water based.

Although there are key places to anchor and dock your pontoon boat on the water, the boat doesn’t have to stay on the water.

Are you aware that you can easily beach a pontoon boat for quick access to land?

Next time you are out on a pontoon pontoon and spy some nice flat land, or a sandy beach, near the shore considered beaching the boat and bringing the party to the beach.

Below are some pontoon boat accessories you can use when you plan to beach your boat and become land-lovers for the evening.

Beach games

There a ton of really fun beach games you can pack with you on your pontoon boat.

beached pontoon boat party
Beached pontoon boat party

From a volleyball and nets to spikeball and from paddle boarding to beach pong, there are endless ways to have fun when you jump off a beached pontoon boat.

Beach umbrella

Don’t forget that beach umbrella. Without the shade provided from your pontoon boat bimini you may need protection from the sun.

Partying on the beach is another great reason to pack the pop up privacy cover mentioned in the section on Personal Comfort!

Collapsible sand buckets

If you have kids onboard your pontoon boat and you are able to beach the boat on an actual sandy beach then some collapsible sand buckets can come in very handy.

These little buckets take up very little space on the boat but open up to be perfect for building sand castles. They then recollapse for easy storage back on the boat.

Foldable table & chairs

Did you pack a picnic? Have you fired up the pontoon portable grill and got the food sizzling? Then you will need a table and some chairs to enjoy your meal.

A foldable table and foldable chairs is a great way to bring your boat’s interior to the beach.

While your bluetooth speakers are playing Black Rose you can check that your beverages have cooled enough in your foldable coolers before you sit at your table and enjoy your grilled food.

There are different sizes of foldable beach tables and beach chairs that are suitable for all party sizes.


Now it is easy to board and onboard a pontoon boat at the dock, but how do you get off the boat and back on if you have beached it?

You use a ladder of course.

Pontoon boat ladders are fairly inexpensive and are a necessary accessory to attach to the hull of your boat if you ever want to beach it. They also come in handy if someone wants to get onboard the boat before you have launched it or who wants to stay on it when loading it up for the return journey home.


If climbing up and down a ladder feels like too much work then consider using a gangway insead.

A pontoon boat gangway is a simple accessory that allows you to walk onto the boat instead of having to climb. It is also great for pets who obviously can’t use a ladder.

You can get extra wide gangways so that humans and pets can use them or you can opt for a pet loading platform if you bring your dogs with you on the water.

Pet loading platform

A pet loading platform is simply a small ramp that you use to help your animal get on the boat.

Pet ramps are much cheaper than gangways but although both poets and humans can use a gangway only pets can use a per ramp because they don’t have the same type of weight capacity. So don’t buy one thinking everyone can use it, it’s for Buddy and Coco only.

4 Critical Pontoon Boat Accessories For Improved Personal Safety

Now that you have your boat protected it’s time to protect your passengers.

These pontoon boat accessories are essential items you should have with you when on the water.

Emergency light

An emergency flashlight is something that every boat should carry.

This inexpensive simple little item can be a heartache-saver in multiple situations from losing your keys in dimming light to checking out obstacles in the water as you head for shore.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is something most boat owners forget to pack.

Although a first aid kit can be very important for serious incidents it can be a stress-reliever and very helpful even when it comes to small accidents. There is nothing worse than having to head for shore and drive to a store just to get plasters or items to treat scrapes and scratches because you don’t have basic first-aid treatment onboard.

Boat first aid kit
Pontoon boat first aid kit

Boat first aids kits are very inexpensive, and the peace of mind having one gives you is worth the cost even if you never use it.

Key floats

I never get on to a boat without protecting my keys from a watery death.

Key floats are such an ingenious, yet utterly simple, invention that I kick myself for not having thought of it myself.

Attaching a little key float to all your sets of keys means you will never need to worry about dropping them into the water.

The key floats are designed to keep keys afloat on top of the water for easy retrieval should you drop them overboard. Without them you could may find yourself deep diving into lake or river water in a vain attempt to recover lost keys.


Every pontoon boat should have lifejackets onboard.

I know, I know, no-one wants to be encumbered by a lifejacket when they are cruising calm waters on a sunny day but just because you don’t normally wear one that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to one.

Even in the calmest of weather conditions, and even on inland waters, water conditions can change dramatically and quickly. And you should always keep in mind that not everyone on the pontoon boat will be a strong swimmer.

Having access to a good lifejacket is not only advantageous if the weather turns bad but it can also act as a lifeline to a weak or non-swimmer who goes overboard.

Always carry a minimum of 4 lifejackets onboard a pontoon boat and have more if your pontoon party is usually larger than this.

Lifejackets are fairly cheap and are easy to store. If you are concerned about them taking up too much room on your boat simply use one of the innovative and unique storage ideas listed below to free-up space onboard.

9 Crucial Pontoon Boat Accessories For Better Boat Safety

Before we get on to the fun items on our list let’s get started with the essential safety accessories that every pontoon boat owner should carry on their boat.

These safety items may be deemed to be “accessories” but you really should have them onboard as “essentials”.


Every pontoon boat should have at least 2 anchors in my opinion but you make do with just one as long as you have the right one for the type waters your are boating in.

In my opinion though it is only by double anchoring a boat, especially a pontoon boat which can be easy jostled by strong winds, can you keep the boat in the same position. But that is not the only reason to carry two anchors.

Anchored pontoon boat
Anchored pontoon boat

Anchoring a pontoon boat, which I demonstrated how to do here, is often ineffective for many boaters simply because the anchor being used on the boat is not the correct type. Different anchors suit different types of lake and river bottoms. An anchor that is great for rocky bottoms will have poor hold on a sandy bottom.

So, always ensure your pontoon boat has at least two anchors that are of different types. I explain why that is important in this article and also highlight the importance of the size of anchor you use on a pontoon boat in this article.

Anchor deckhand

When pulling up the anchor feels like way too much effort after partying on your pontoon then the anchor deckhand can be invaluable.

The anchor deckhand is a mechanical way of hauling up the anchor without any physical effort from you.

Although this neat little item would probably be better placed under the category of Personal Comfort I included it in this section because I just highlighted the importance of anchors on a pontoon boat.

There are a variety of different models available at different price points.


Not all pontoon boat owners will need these little metal hull-savers as they are designed to be used on pontoon boats that navigate saltwater.

If you take your pontoon boat into ocean water, even if you stick to the shoreline or only use the boat in secluded bays, you must protect the aluminum from corrosion.

As I pointed out in the article are pontoon boats good for saltwater, pontoons and saltwater don’t play well together. Saltwater attacks the aluminum on a pontoon through galvanic-corrosion and the effects of this corrosion are fast and nasty.

However by attaching small, inexpensive anodes, to areas of the boat below the waterline you will prevent this corrosion from occurring on your boat’s hull.

So, if you ever take your boat into saltwater, or plan to do so in the future, even if only for short periods of time then you should read my article do pontoon boats need anodes for details of what these little accessories are and how to fit them.

Boat protectant spray

The metal on your boat is not the only thing you should be concerned about protecting. The paintwork is also at risk from environmental factors.

Although saltwater spray can also eat away at the finish on your boat if you take it into saltwater, the sun has the biggest negative effect on your boat’s paintwork. Using a simple, cheap, protectant spray will keep your pontoon boat looking pristine and new for years.

There are a variety of different protectant sprays available.

Bungee dock lines

Dock lines are a must-have accessory item for all boats but bungee dock lines are better than the standard fare available.

Rathern that using a solid dock line that can cause strain on cleats and areas of the boat to which the line is attached, a bungee line will absorb the strain and sudden jolts that often accompany docking.

docking pontoon boat
Docking pontoon boat

These dock lines are no more expensive than a standard double braided nylon line but offer your boat a little more protection. I use them in conjunction with solid nylon lines as I find the initial docking is best done with bungee lines and the boat can then be more secured “locked” in place with the solid lines.


Boat fenders are necessary if you dock your pontoon boat in marinas or assigned docking areas.

These cheap protective pillow-like accessories can be left hanging from the side of the boat or stored onboard until it’s docking time.

More than once I have been thankful for having fenders at the side of my boat when it has been pushed hard into the dock. The fender not only helps to soften the impact but it also protects the hull from damage caused by such a collision.

Fenders are cheap and they come in all shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find ones that compliment your boat or personal taste. As a general rule-of-thumb you will need 3 – 4 fenders per side for a standard-sized pontoon boat.

Pontoon boat cover

A canvas cover for your boat is a much-needed accessory as it will protect your boat’s paintwork from harmful UV rays and the effects of the other elements like wind and rain.

I find it difficult to understand why so many pontoon boat owners are willing to spend a small fortune on a pontoon boat but fail to spend 50 bucks on a protective cover.

I see so many pontoon boats left outdoors without any protection from the elements that it makes me wonder how much money the owners must have to burn!

Always cover your boat, even if you garage it. Trust me, you will thank me each time you take it out of storage and launch it into the water as it will stay looking like new well after your neighbour’s boat has started to fade in color and luster.

A good cover will usually cost between 50 – 150 dollars and is well worth the small investment as it can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars to get your boat repainted.

Docking lights

The vast majority of pontoon boat users tend to stick to using their vessel during long summer days when the light fades ver late in the day. However, you may sometimes find yourself onboard your floating pleasure boat when the daylight starts to fail.

Docking lights are legally required for most boats in most states so it is a good idea to fit them to your pontoon boat even if you do not intend to be out on the water when the sun goes down.

But, why stick to the boring docking lights that are fitted to other boats when you can light up your entire pontoon boat in style with light strips?!

Marine LED light strips

When you want your pontoon boat to stand out from the rest and to make a statement why not attach some marine LED light strips to the vessel?

There are a ton of different options to choose from and all are very easy to attach to your boat, requiring no special equipment or training.

If you really want to “push the boat out” why not go for some clever SMART pontoon lights that can be controlled via a standard SMART cell phone?

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